This bag is meant to be an elegant travelbag. One could carry a small dog in it, but this bag is not as rigid as the Sunna bag.

Our Filo bag serves as a cosy, warm nest when staying in a hotel or travelling or when eating out in a restaurant. The bag has 2 large pockets on the outside for e.g. your dog’s passport, your wallet, phone.

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This bag is always custom made. We have a wide choice of fabrics available. We prefer softshell or canvas on the outside and for the bottom softshell or
artificial leather. Softshell is easy to clean, waterproof and it is a sturdy fabric. Most customers go for a Velboa fabric, coralfleece or Alfphenfleece lining for winterbags and for a linen or cotton lining for summerbags. The bag comes with a matching pillow and, if desired, also a matching blanket

Summer bags have a linen or cotton lining.

Our Filo bag is machine washable. Tumble drying is not recommended.

Price : 140€