Oh yes, even a dog could need a bathrobe once in a while. Just imagine drying a long haired dog like an Afghan Hound or when grooming your Schnauzer, King Charles, Poodle, Coton de Tulear, Collie … What if your dog likes to take a swim and you have to get him/her home in your car?

We designed a bathrobe especially for dogs. When grooming your dog, you can start on the back keeping the head and chest thightly packed and work your way to the head releasing the bathrobe as you go. The ears are always covered until you start drying the head as most dogs do not like the blow of the dryer on their ears. (ours don’t !)

The bathrobe is made of highly absorbing cotton and, of course, tailormade with a personal touch if you like.

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Prices :

SizeMeasure from neck to the base of the tailPrice
XS26-36 cm / 10.23-14.17″31€
S36-44 cm / 14.17-17.32″34€
M144-51 cm / 17.32-20″37€
M251-59 cm / 20-23.22″40€
L59-66 cm / 23.22-26″43€
XL66-71 cm / 26-28″45€
XXL71-81 cm / 28-31.9″47€
XXXL81 – 86,5 cm / 31.9-34″50€