Cutting and Engraving

Cutting and engraving with high precision, fast and repeatable: that’s what a laser can do. It’s only in 2-D so when you can draw it on a piece of paper, a laser can cut or engrave it.

Need a new, updated rubber stamp for your Printy, a sign engraved in wood, HPL or even in a mirror? Want a customized box in plywood or acrylic? That’s all a piece of cake for a CO2-laser!


  • 60W lasertube
  • 680 x 460 mm bed, 100mm in Z adjustable
  • Lens : focal length 50,8mm

Accepted fileformats :


Materials : (not all are mentioned, contact us for more information)

Material Max Thickness Cutting Engraving
Plywood poplar 8 mm
4mm is common
yes yes
Acrylic 8 mm yes yes
Stamp rubber yes yes
glass no yes
Stainless steel/steel no

yes (black)

Aluminium no yes (black)


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