This Colette dogbed is made for travelling. Easy to take with you. A comfortable bed for your dog without the weight. Custom made in several sizes and fabrics. This bed comes with two removable shoulderstraps in artificial leather.

While on the road the bed (or is it a bag?) can be filled with food, toys, bowls for food and water and other supplies for your pet and, once settled in your hotel, the bag converts instantly into a cosy nest.

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This dogbed comes in the following sizes:

Small40 cm / 15 3⁄4in40 cm / 15 3⁄4in130,-€
Medium50 cm / 19 11⁄16in40 cm / 15 3⁄4in150,-€
Large65 cm / 25 19⁄32in50 cm / 19 11⁄16in190,-€
Extra large75 cm / 2917⁄32in50 cm / 19 11⁄16in230,-€

If you have special wishes, just leave us a message. We will be happy to get in touch to see how we can fulfill them!