All our coats can be made in 2 different models.

We can make protective coats for playing in the woods or to protect against the sun, coats for rainy days, warm waterproof jackets for the winterseason or just a coat for indoors.

For both models you can choose between velcro of click-buckle closure.

Model A - over the head with closure over the belly

This model comes with a warm collar around the neck and a closure over the belly with velcro for a thight fit.

Model B - as model A but with extra breastcove

This model has a front as in model A and a warm brestcover, goes over the head and closes over the back with a velcro or a click buckle.


On softshell fabric we can apply free text and figures.

You can choose from a selection of standard figures in the colors of the colorchart (see below) for an extra fee of 5€. 

Figures and free text, like the name of your dog, can also be applied in a highly reflective material for an extra fee of 7,5€. See pictures above  to get an idea of what is possible.

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Available colors


Length neck-tail :<45 cm45-49 cm50-54 cm55-59 cm60-64 cm65-70 cm70-74 cm75-80 cm+80 cm
Model A60€65€70€70€80€85€85€95€105€
Model B70€75€80€80€90€95€95€105€115€

Figures only5€
Free text and figures7,5€